We Are A Christ-Centered Dojo

And these are our primary areas of focus.


Christian martial arts? What's that all about?


Okinawan karate is the primary martial art practiced by our dojo and is a central part our training in self-defense.

Oyo Bunkai

A kata is a compiled series of movements that contain technique which represent several self-defense situations. The analysis and application of those series of techniques, is called oyo bunkai, and it is where the true heart of karate lies.

Character Development

A central part of the “softer” side of the martial arts quite often involves a concentration on character development. This part of our curriculum will focus in this area of your growth and development as a martial artist.
All are welcome to come and join us. Because we are a dojo that is Christ-centered, we welcome people from all walks of life. We meet Tuesday nights from 7:30-8:45pm. See our FAQ section for more info, and thanks for visiting our site!