We Are A Christ-Centered Dojo

And these are our primary areas of focus.

Spiritual Growth

Christian martial arts? What's that all about?


Okinawan karate is the primary martial art practiced by our dojo and is a central part our training in self-defense.

Oyo Bunkai

A kata is a compiled series of movements that contain technique which represent several self-defense situations. The analysis and application of those series of techniques, is called oyo bunkai, and it is where the true heart of karate lies.

Character Development

A central part of the “softer” side of the martial arts quite often involves a concentration on character development. This part of our curriculum will focus in this area of your growth and development as a martial artist.
All are welcome to come and join us. Because we are a dojo that is Christ-centered, we welcome people from all walks of life. We meet Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm at James Island Christian Church in Charleston SC. See our FAQ section for more info, and thanks for visiting our site!