Inaugural Post (… reposted)

I’m reposting this inaugural article as I blew it out messing with the config of the site…

“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day.  Give Sensei control over the site, and he’s sure to break something.”


This is the inaugural blog post of our new site.  So, what should I blog about?  How about the central theme of this site?  That theme being, providing an online resource as a compliment to training.  “What does Sensei mean about online compliment?  And how can it help my training in the dojo?”  I’m glad you asked.

Let’s talk about what I mean by training.  What we do in the dojo is definitely training.  But it’s primarily an early learning form of training that we do in the dojo.  In this context, by training I mean practice.  If you want to take what you are introduced to in class, and really learn it, you must practice it outside of the dojo.  Otherwise, you will be constantlyrelearning in the dojo, and not advancing.  Do some of you consistently find yourselves in that relearning mode?  Well, this article should be an eye opener for you.  Now that we’ve affirmed that training outside of the dojo is necessary for you to advance in your journey of the arts, then lets focus on what I mean by this site being a complimentary resource.

This site offers training aides, not a substitution for training.  In other words, watching a video or reading the steps of a kata cannot serve as substitutes for actual practice.  They are training aides, not training itself.  Ok, so now that we’ve covered that ground, I have a question for you.  Where else in live does this paradigm, or situation cover?  Comments please!!!

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