Give God All Your Devotion

I was so impressed with Cassie’s devotion on Tuesday night, I wanted to “memorialize” it on the blog and share it with everyone.  Be blessed by it!!  ~Sensei


Give God Your All

In our walk with God, we learn to grow in Him and trust Him. Something required for this to happen is to give of ourselves.  In our journey through karate, we have learned that it is essential to give 100% if you want to grow. It is the same in our faith. While giving God bits and pieces of yourself might help you to survive, you are not thriving. God requires all of us.

In the story of the poor woman at the temple, the woman gives everything she has to God: Two small gold coins. God knew this was not just what she could afford to give; it was what she had to give. She gave Him everything she had. Now, I’m not saying God asks us all to empty our bank accounts and throw the money at His feet. However, I am encouraging you to realize that what you have is not yours, but God’s. He is the supplier of all wealth. He gives and he takes away. So when you spend your money and use your possessions, remember the One who gave it to you. Use them in a way pleasing to Him. Use them to glorify and worship Him.

Another way of giving of ourselves to God is through our time. The Bible commands us to tithe: Giving 10% of everything He’s given us back to him. God has given us more than just our money. He has also given us our time. What would it look like to give Him 10% of our day? Only including the hours you are awake, this would be about an hour and a half. While not everyone has the luxury of putting aside 1 ½ solid hours each day, we can give him more of our time than we already do. We give him our time through reading of Scripture and prayer. When you read the Bible, savor the words. Remember that it is so much more than just a book. The Bible is God’s love letter to His people. That’s us! He’s written it to you and me! Read it with that in mind and the Spirit will show you things you never saw before.

Finally, give of yourself in prayer. Praying is an extremely important spiritual discipline in our walk. It is our conversation time with God. Think of it like “coffee time” with Him. If you planned to meet a friend for coffee, you wouldn’t not go, right? Also, when you’re there with that friend, you are attentive and interested, not distracted. When we are praying with God, it should be this way. Set aside a specific time each day to have “coffee time” with God. Do your best to give Him your full attention and don’t stand Him up.

Only by giving of ourselves fully can we fully enjoy all that God has given us. He gave us his son, His infinite love, and His infinite grace. He deserves all of us.

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