Black and White

As a martial artist that is a practitioner of a very traditional art, I stray away from the flashy sport side of the arts and do my best to stick to what has stood the test of time.  I am constantly evaluating the many influences of the community of arts and artists to clear away the unclear and the usually less than beneficial additions to what the masters have taught throughout the years.  As a follower of an art whose history is incomplete in its documentation, it is often hard to try and fill in the gaps.  I am burdened by a drive for black and white answers to my questions, in an art that has quite a bit of gray history.  I sometimes experience the same in my desire to clearly understand God’s desire for my life.

I’ve been putting more and more thought to the topic of Christ fulfilling the law, and therefore relieving us of being under its rule.  As we all know, we are still bound by much of what is still in the law, the ten commandments being a good example.  But where is the line?  What are we no longer obligated to follow, and what must we still conform to?  I’ve read many an article or blog post on the issue, and opinions vary like the colors in a meadow of summer wild flowers.  Some say that we are bound by moral law, but are no longer bound by ceremonial or much of the judicial law.  Some say it’s not that easy.

I struggle with the lack of black and white here.  I was recently chatting with my pastor regarding this topic and he loaned me a book titled The Jewish Faith and the New Covenant by Lascelle.  I look forward to digging into it and see if it can disperse any clouds of gray.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  What has God shown you on this topic?  How does it line up with Scripture?

God’s blessings to you, the reader, in your search for His answers!

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