A Christian Program

What is a Christian martial arts program?  I’d like to say that it’s a easy definition; we’re a dojo of Christians, but I guess it’s not quite that simple.  Dojos that market themselves as “Christian” could mean several things, ranging from a secular martial arts class that happens to be populated by Christians, to a class that is centered and facilitated by Christian Scripture.  We are a bit of both.  We practice a very old form of martial arts and belong to a secular karate organization that is based in the UK.  However, we are also a ministry of our church and our curriculum has a Christian Scriptural component.  Scriptural study, prayer, and Christian fellowship are all core components of what we do at The Master’s Dojo, and are core to who we are.

We have a black-belt karate instructor for the class, but Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Master of our dojo, and of our lives.

10-14 Test Group

For centuries the martial arts have provided a framework upon which individuals developed strong bodies, alert minds, and spiritual discipline.  We believe our form of practice of the traditional martial arts combined with our Christian curriculum component fosters growth of a practitioner’s physical and spiritual discipline.


Our Dojo Kun (guiding principles):

1. I will love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

2. I will exercise humility and self-control.

3. I will show the love of God through my words and actions.

4. I will accept responsibility and reject passivity.

5. I will pursue God’s Truth with the help of the Holy Spirit.

6. I will learn from hardship.

Inquires about our program can be emailed to jim@smoakhouse.net.

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