Kobudo is an integral part of Okinawan martial arts, and the CPMA curriculum.  It is believed that when Japan occupied Okinawa, and the Satusuma samurai clan restricted the Okinawans from carrying weapons, the locals learned how to use common farm implements to protect themselves.  This practice eventually became a formally component of the Okinawan martial arts.  Some of the most common weapons of Okinawan kobudo is the bo, or long staff. the sai, and the kama.  We use the standard bo and nitan bo our system’s curriculum, as they represent the most commonly available “weapon” in today’s society.


Bo:  The primary version of the bo is a 5-6′ staff (depending on the practitioners height).  It is believed to have originated as farming tool that was placed across the shoulders to carry hanging containers on both sides.  It could also have been the handle of a rake or shovel.



Nitan Bo:  The smaller sibling of the full staff (described above), at less than a meter in length, the Nitan Bo is usually used in pairs.

Nitan Bo

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