Character Development


A Curriculum for Growth as a Follower of Jesus Christ

We are a dojo that is dedicated to the walk of Jesus Christ.  We proclaim Him as our Lord and Savior, and it is our fervent desire to provide a curriculum to our students that will empower them to learn about the multi-dimensional walk of the Christian martial artist.


A central part of the “softer” side of the martial arts quite often involves a concentration on character development.  This part of our curriculum will focus in this area of your growth and development as a martial artist.  Each belt focuses on a single character trait.  Students are required to do research and submit a written assignment on the assigned character trait.


The following are the character traits covered in our curriculum:

  • 10th to 9th kyu:  Endurance
  • 9th to 8th kyu:    Obedience
  • 8th to 7th kyu:    Initiative
  • 7th to 6th kyu:    Orderliness
  • 6th to 5th kyu:    Loyalty
  • 5th to 4th kyu:    Patience
  • 4th to 3rd kyu:    Compassion
  • 3rd to 2nd kyu:    Forgiveness
  • 2nd to 1st kyu:    Gentleness
  • 1st kyu to 1st Dan:     Humility



We also incorporate leadership trait training with a heavy influence from the leadership training of the United States Marine Corps.  EGAThe USMC is well known for the development of world-class leaders.

The United States Marine Corps subscribes to the notion that leaders are made, not born. There are three fundamental categories that every Marine is instructed in: leadership objectives, leadership traits and leadership principles.  There are 14 traits to which all Marines are encouraged to aspire: They are judgment, justice, dependability, integrity, decisiveness, tact, initiative, enthusiasm, bearing, unselfishness, courage, knowledge, loyalty and endurance. Marines are encouraged to exhibit these traits and are judged on their ability to do so, as will the senior students of the The Master’s Dojo.

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